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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Na-122 Pti-Pml-N

Elections could shape a country. And yes indeed it does, the shape of a capital of Punjab, I mean Lahore was transformed from city of colleges to the city of Posters, banners, and pamphlets. Both the political parties now feel like if they wont win they will die in their political career. Now win or die for both. Ayyaz Sadiq an ex-speaker of national assembly and lately defeated Aleem Khan from Pti is putting his all efforts to beat Pml-N now. From last two days Genral-Bus stand was been evacuated to hire transport to facilitate the voters and fight with the other political wing. Public for whom they are all fighting, I mean "for the betterment of public they are fighting", why to put people on a stake, last night public was wandering like an animal and looking their ways to reach home, but they were unable to be facilitated by the government, as its the duty of Government to provide facilities, both the parties have rented out the vehicles to put a tag on. How could you all be so foolish to vote for these maniacs who could go to any extent just to be in a rivalry. Either one wins or the second. Both will be tagged as a looser. 
Just a random thought of an experience. 

- Ad-Lib.  

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Political finance

Political finance insurances all funds that are raised and expended for political purposes.  In Pakistan, women are the fifty percent of the population, but still treated as the minority in parliaments. In our country, it is the responsibility of government and politics to reduce gender inequality in politics and parliaments. In making new laws and policy they should focus on the financial component, equal right of approving and protesting of policy for women in parliaments. As Pakistan country is male dominated, so they have taken the rights for making laws and regulation. The policies and legislation help in supporting women candidates. Political parties should certify the equal access to incoming resources for both men and women
In case of population criteria, women should have equal right to participate in the political and general issues of parliament. In new assembly, the several women were elected in parliament that they would pay their due role for women's rights and give their opinion in finance. People were expecting more women in new assembly, but in the main political parties they have reduced the quota of women on general seats. Political parties must give space to women parliamentarians in policy making. This will result in better legislation. In this case the laws and rules can protect women's right and also in political finance issues.
The legislations of the year 2002, and 2008, the assemblies have provided many opportunities to women to get social and considered as equal citizens. The legislations included the protection of working women, prevention of Anti-Women, women parliamentarians struggle. Practices, domestic violence, Acid control and provided full protection for the women. If the number of women increases in assemblies, then a lot of issues related to the working women and of other women will be resolved and gender discrimination will be reduced in term of social and economic development.  In international couriers, they promote gender equality and give equal right to women. To make our country successful, parliament should make national legislation on political finance to plan expenditure which coincides with international convention and agreements to reduce the gender inequality in political participation help in political finance
The political parties need funds during the elections. They adopt a policy to distribute the funds among different purpose to achieve several goals that will be beneficial for the government and for the citizen. Political parties, the policies are made by the mutual conversation on various fields, but in this, minority is women. The political parties need funds during the elections. They adopt a policy to distribute the funds among different purpose to achieve several goals that will be beneficial for the government and for the citizen
In spite of having a lot of barriers, women parliamentarians did their best to bring women legislation in the house, which made an extreme change in the lives women. Political party’s loyal in providing equality safeguard for women and also the equal access to incoming resources for both women and men. In making political finance plan, they should promote women right and should design an equal amount of resources for women.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Left Over (Gaza)

And we feel to be the left overs when we don't get a meal at MacDonald, we feel left over when we couldn't get something get done by our government for us, we feel left over when we are out of out homes and away from family, when friends leave us, when we leave home, when we fail in exams, when we do anything that is any little deed.

Do we think about the people of Palestine, don't name them Muslims if you feel ashamed to help a Muslim because differs from your religion, but every religion preaches to help a Human, I swear to the might LORD, those are all humans who are getting killed and slaughtered and mascaraed. Those innocent children, those women, those men, who haven't got the meal of their last day from many last days, to those you label terrorists, come on, i mean Please wake up.

Free Palestine for the sake of even humanity, where are you all Atheists, where are you all Agnostics, Where are you all Christians, where are you all Budaahs, where the hell are you ALL MUSLIMS especially. Even some jews stood up to fight for the right of Palestine. Stop doing this rage. I know by writing here wont change a thing in Gaza, but i hope may some read this and change his mind for the innocent people, humans and fellow beings on earth regardless of being a Muslim or sect. Islam is just about Peace.

And Period.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Untiteld Yet. (I)

Father, did you ever come by an option of selecting of two out of both things you want, He, said what’s the matter, what do you have actually to make a choice of. Father, I have these two little butterflies and I like the yellow one and I love this brown one, so which one should I play with. Come here, let me tell you a story, and they walked, once I was stuck in a situation when I wanted to look for you or your mother, I was worried whom should I find first, and then I decided to look for both of you at once, do you know how did I do that, I looked up and there was an grasshopper in the field and I was following it, and I knew your mother uses a perfume that attracts the grasshopper, and second thing I knew was you are always after your mother, so if I would follow the grasshopper I will find your mother and in that case I can find you too. Father, when actually did mother left us, she asked that and his eyes were filled with tears. She said what the matter father is; she whipped the tears of her father, gave a warm hug and kissed her father, and again asked that question. And would he felt that, that cute question her angle was asking, but the extent he was getting hurt he could only knew, she didn’t even knew when her mother left her.

Back in summer, when they were on the way to sandy beach, and to spend their summer holidays, it was so seldom that they all get some time for picnic. She planned that day for make it memorable, indeed it was memorable but not a good one to recall. The hot summer, the warm sunshine, hot road, open highway up to destination, the car was moving with a fine speed like every other vehicle was, but who knew what’s coming, who could have sense that death coming to the little angle’s mother and to that most loving husband’s wife. A truck in front of then got his wheel off all of a sudden and came through their way, he tried a lot to save that hit, in that try the car got hit by an opposite coming bus, and it ran over their car, from the passenger seat, she couldn’t even said more than that, “keep my princess safe, and our kingdom alive”, and with that she left both of them. He explained all that to the girl, as by that time she was sleeping and afterwards she was in a trauma and couldn’t came to know what happened in actual, and she bursts in tears, as it was her first time hearing all that, of how her mother left them.

She hugged her father and the suddenly stopped walking and looked up in the sky. He said, she got her eyes and smile, and the girl gave a smirk to her father and said I love you too. Both started walking again. He said ok now it’s getting to dawn, let’s have a nap, in sunrise we will move on, and they came by a farm, where there was a room, all free, both entered the room slowly and it was a place for cows, they managed somehow in the grass to settle, the shattered bodies, exhaling breaths, barefooted aches, and a need to rest let them feel like they are in a five star motel, she placed her head at her father’s chest and laid on him to fall asleep, as she did in few seconds, and for her it was not less than anything but the best bed ever, and for him it was the warmest hug he could ever get. So the nap of few hours they would be enjoying, and he was awake for few more minutes of thinking for tomorrow, and after that he went asleep as well. It was like both are going to have one same dream, would this ever happen the true love would let people have the same dreams at night when they are in same positions. This probably is the best night of every night we spend. But the morning none can think of what will happen the very next day, as she was just of 12 years, for her father she was like a 6 year old kid need him like more than milk and food. And before sleeping he said to himself, good night angle we got a big day tomorrow. So they both slept and slept like they haven’t sleep for ages.  And those few hours would be like minutes for them and will think have we even slept.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Untitled Yet.

I have started a novel, in series it will be uploaded. I hope After a long time my readers will forgive "- Ad-Lib.", On this much late post. I have tried it to look so simple that every one may like and enjoy this piece. Keep on suggesting the name as well.

And she asked, father, my dear father where we are headed to, where actually we are going, it’s so dark, and you really know that am afraid of darkness. He said, my kid we are moving in a good direction, and as we will reach you will find yourself amused and happy though to be there.

Where they were moving, no one knew, not even she knows, and neither does her father knew this. And that was a road, all dark and so lone, as you won’t even hear anything but the insects and animals, this would had definitely let her feel the fear, but far away there was a light that was lightened, and he believed in that light.
The clothe were worn, she was even shivering with cold as her father was, her father gave her the shawl that he had, but she was bear footed as her father was, he could had felt it that she couldn’t made it, but he always had that little believe in that light and divinity that something will surely let them make up to that place, and they moved. That’s how we will see the subtle and the inevitable, and that’s what we name it.

The night won’t ever end, till the last sight of sun rise, the shine will let them know how far they are from their past, and that past was there dark road. Let’s move back to the place from where they took a start. A little angle and her father, both were badly shattered and hopeless, she couldn’t even know what hope is she didn’t even felt the depth of what they were in. All she knew was that her father is still alive and yes she can make up to whatever ever she wanted, because she can sense the gratitude and affection of her father for her, but somewhere in her haunted thoughts, she dread of the lost of her father, but she would had loved to move in a flow in which she and her father would be all together forever. She was unaware of the evils of the world, and the cruel rules of nature, although nature blessed her with her father but the rule of nature is so inevitable that she couldn’t stand it.

And here they started walking into the direction of light, that light was so so far away, and the distance was like it won’t ever end it was that long. But he encouraged his daughter and started walking, and she was the only one who trusted her father and she moved along with him as well. The darkness was she dread of, and the love for his daughter was moving him nevertheless he couldn’t even took a step forward. She was holding the finger of her father and moving. And he said, my love, everything will be fine, and in his heart he said, I hope so, because deep inside he doubted and he knew the evils of world, and the cruelty of people, as he has seen all that. She asked, father can I sit on that stone it seems so nice and plane I like that colour, I need a break we have been walking for many minutes, am a little tired, he said, princes we need to walk and we need to get to out destination, so its better we must move, and for an hour they keep walking, meanwhile she came to knew that her foot was stabbed with a throne, and she was bleeding, but with the cold and barefooted walking she couldn’t sense it, he looked at her and lift her in to his lap and sat on a stone not the same, but almost same like she wanted, she said, father it was me who wanted to sit on it, not in lap, I want to feel the hardness of this world, he smiled and looked into her eyes, and said so, dear there is a lot more to come in your life, so don’t even wish for it, that will come to you, and instantly he removed the throne of her foot and kissed her on forehead.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Self Interest To Destruction.

Lately I haven’t posted anything, but at the moment, my readers this will be good for you. And I must say if you are about to read it just for reading stop right here. And close it.
Humans have the inclination to blemish the peace, and then fetch the chaos and conflict, to generate the peace, I mean what is this. This is what’s happening in the world. Was there any need to situate wars, was there any call for to rule, was there any need to hold and guide the others in what they are good at.?
This world came with many of the stupid happenings which are on the go. And these are never about to stop. Because as they have started a new phenomenon to say, "We are empowering the youth", "We are empowering the women", "We are empowering the Nations". What is this, people consider it to be the most reliable and valued thing, that they are being acknowledged, in real what do you think it is. As in the conference what they do, a funded thing it is, I hope all will agree, and then they call only the cream, if in some of the conference or dialogue table, or any seminar they introduce some real people, even then what they do, they don’t even listen to what they have said, they say now the people must have their say, but who listens to that say.
They say as we have listened to their say that’s why we are here to help you. And then what they do, they utilize your own resources, which you think that you don’t have, and then they mobilize them, and then they cost you for that, on the name of something called as royalty. As what happened in different regions of this world. I hope I don’t have to remind you the names. 
What’s wrong with humans, I mean, why people feel to be not working, but to be aided. Why they just hear one voice and come to your country and say you need my help or else you will be dead. They make you feel like you need their help. As lately the people were at ease. Now they need peace. 
The world was so calm, yes there was some disruption by some blacksheeps of the society, and those are the one, who causes us to feel like we are inferior. And then it started with holding the big group of people, and so does the nations.
Why shouldn’t we be eating only our share and let others have their. People who are stuffed with money bags, can’t allow a "Paisa, Penny, Cent", to be out of their bags, and people who are in the depth of their misery and cold hearted they are now, can’t get out of it, only by saying we are free. Islam gave the concept of Zakat, which helped poor and needy to be out of their misery, but we aint following that, if some are following, some are doing for the show-case, some are doing for the publicity, some are doing to hold them and make them be fed not helped.
So what we need to do is to look beneath the layers and understand, think what we have done and what is in need to be done. I hope that if we are weak enough, we shouldn’t keep on showing we are in hold and do as I say, or else I will demolish you. Is this for what we are in this world? I heard most of the people saying, we must bring peace, we must help others, we must look after others, and we must I say must share our happiness with others and do some good deeds.
I believe that if and only if we do some good, we will have some good. As it’s an English quotation, "What Goes Around, It Comes Around", I think I don’t have to put a reference here, as you all being the worthy enough to understand.
The point that I wanted to raise here, is that we must feel peace within ourselves and then understand, do we really need some peace, and do we have to ask for help, it’s not a matter of shame to lend a hand to ask for help. But be sure if you really do, if not, then share your peace not your conflicts.

Ad-Lib says, "Be Sure Of What You Do, And Be Good In What You Do, But Do Only The Good."

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Who Permits You.

Today what am about to put in writing, are direct words to the politicians, and administratives somehow. You people have made the picture so closed that even I have to contemplate upon, to which political party do I have to vote for, and on whom I can trust, none of you are able to put on the trust, public is not with any political party right now as far I have seen, but the people to whom you people deliver the reimbursement, are with you and at the bottom of you, and taking the lead of the desolation of the public and getting you votes casted. Otherwise I don’t think so, what you guys have ended to the nation of Pakistan; they are with anyone right now.
From times we have been watching you guys to chatter about the legislation, to talk about the stuff that you imposed on us, while talking about this so called democracy, which is not anywhere in my Pakistan. If this is democracy then we were contented by the dictatorship of any of the official. Whether we like it or not, but there was a scheme in it, as no so called system, but there was, you guys talk about the system but no structure you have got. Else than to utilize us.
"If you apply changes to a anyone, who is not agreeable for it, and you give him all the resources, all the opportunities, and the person is not keen to prosper in the field, then you can’t take the blame, and you can’t say that anyone is accountable for that un-ease of that person, he/she is him/herself answerable". Akin case was seen in Rajan-Pur, Southern Punjab, I have visited it during the distribution of the flood aid in 2010. The people of that region, when asked to them “why don’t you send your children to the school”, they replied “if they would go to school then we are about to spend our money on them, we are poor, we can’t afford their school fee”. And in their homes I have seen colored Televisions, they do have transport facility the Motor Bike, the communication gadgets like Cell-Phones, and they are roughly all the tenants/farmers/landlords (low level). so what do you think they are doing, I agree to most of the people who would argue that they are deprived from the facilities, but there is no regulation of the law, of the enforcement to send their children to study, and learn the modes of life, and to get the Religious Education, and they are not willing to do it as well. So who is responsible?
I am adjacent to to the person who says, what Pakistan have given me, this birth that you have got was on this terrain, so, rest in what you are talking about. But I am still against to the most of the politicians who rather don’t know how to address in front of community, on live a medium, or in assembly. The religion to you belong doesn’t educated you so, the teachings are the reciprocal of what you carry out, even the upbringing never leads you to use slang, then why you have been elapsed the main subject, the value you owes to the 2nd person who ever is he/she.
That is what I want to say, “Who Permits You", who are you guys to decide the fate of the nation, or my Pakistan, or the provinces. Have you guys asked the public do they want, do they want it to be separated.
Do not decide what nation has to get, ask the nation what they want. I live in Punjab, but I love my whole Pakistan, I have been to the all of the 5 provinces, Punjab where I live, Sindh, Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunhawa, AJ&K, but not to the Gilgit-Baltistan. None of them hated me, didn’t rejected me, didn’t disapproved me, didn’t denied me to sit with them, eat with them.

- Ad-Lib Says, "Why this all false portraying of everything, Stop being divided or the division, as far we stand together no one can enter in our Heaven. Do ponder upon, I request".

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

To Tolk About.

Ramadan Special.

People uncover the things to talk about, and the for the most part of the time they have the gossips to do. No doubt that it’s a good time passing commotion, but what actually you fail to remember is the thing that this is not a good feat to act upon.
Talking about someone at their backs is not a good one to do, it’s not fair, it’s not moral, it’s unethical, and some many words like this can be wrote to say that it’s not fair. But my point as a Muslim is to say, that Hazart Muhammad (P.B.U.H) forbade to do so, and The Qur`an also stops you doing so. Why not to look what we have been taught centuries ago, we must be fastening to those teachings, and to learn the contemporary ways to explore and follow the teachings of Islam.
The people, who are embracing Islam these days, are far much improved than us, we are just Muslims by name, and ALLAH gave us a gift that we aren’t handling it with very care. I do hint upon my thought that I won’t be getting mc of the readers in agreement to this write up, but I want to raise it, and spread the word out that, it’s our duty to support and have a say about this. So that we can pass on what we have got and where we desire to see out generation. Guys we are at a stake of devastation, I am optimist in certain conditions, but that doesn’t mean that we can pass over the danger behind the wall.

It’s an old saying, that, "Elephant is not tied up with the chain; he is tied up with fear of that chain". So my point is, open your eyes and see where we are going, being liberal is not a bad thing, but being confined is the toughest deed that we think. May we get directed to the Right path.

- Ad-Lib says. "Do not over across the things that you don’t know, experiencing is a good object, but with guidance you can make it even better and simpler".

My Pakistan.