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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Veena Malik

I was shocked when one of my friend told me that, have you seen the news of Veena Malik.?
I said no I have no idea about it, what's it all about, he said, Snaps of Veena are at the face of an indian magazine named as FHM, I said no. He further declared that snaps are nude, I stated how it could be possible.
Then i came home and thought do some literature work on it. And i visited almost all possible links to that report, now there is a conspiracy of these snaps, either these snaps are false, edited Etc, but on the 2nd point i might take it as propaganda about her, but at one click i may suspect at Veena as well, that may be she had done it for money, as far the past is concerned, things can be underground but haven't any such news about her earlier. But the point is why to do all this, may be is manipulated. to disrepute the Lollywood, To disrepute the Pakistani models Etc...!! As a matter to repute am not uploading any of the clip-arts. But if people can see it in a form of media life, then it not a big deal for the models to do so, haven't you people seen the nude and some censored photographs of Bollywood stars, the big personalities, the models the Hollywood People. Why are you screaming at your own race, its because we can not watch our home getting dirty.
Lets hope for the best.

Adlib Says: Never sell your dignity.


  1. Us ki life hai krne do jo us ko krna hai

  2. I h avent stopped her from doin what she is or what she will..!!
    am just giving my point of view...!!


  3. Te mein v te apna point of view dita si :)