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Thursday, January 20, 2011

2010 Toyota Corolla

The legend, which is going to be introduced is the one mostly used in Pakistan, and its said that the spare-parts of Toyota can be found in a village as well. This tells us that the toyota is so common in our country. Toyota started the history in 1966, when they introduced the Corolla, in 1997 corolla became the best selling nameplate in the world. Toyota corolla made a record by selling over 35 Million in 2007. If we take a look at the history of Corolla in past 40 years, it is said that one corolla is sold on an average of 40 secs.

The corolla 2010 is an magnificent model introduced in the market, and is well shaped as well. In Pakistan we are aware to the types of corolla, which are, Gli, Xli, 2.0D SR, 1.8 SR. But they have intriduced so many others, like Corolla S, Corolla CE Etc. The Corolla CE, has tyre pressure monitoring system, we havent heard of this technology in Corolla in Pakistan. It has a blue-tooth built-in function, and in the corolla CE they have given the technology of remote start intention system. In Pakistani Corolla`s we have just an adjuster for the steering which allow us to move the steering wheel up and down, but in corolla CE we can adjust it IN and OUT mode as well. And it is an Electric Power steering ( EPS), which has been hired from the Hybrid cars, it stand alone, aside from the engine, no belts no pulleys, this allows us to move the steering wheel with just one finger.
Its 1.8 Liter, 4 cylinder Petrol engine and the most amazing thin i would like to state is that no one wories about the BHP when we are taliking about Corolla, and infact its 132 BHP. The Toyota Corolla S do have the traction control system as well.


  1. i rather lexus than toyota even though the new look is kool but still lexus is is a common brand but so far what's ur purpose about this webpage? didn't catched maaan.try not to find me caz u won't be able.....

  2. ok if u dont let me find your self am not gonna do it... WEll i just want you peoples inform, entertain and educate... Yup u ryt LEXUS is better brand but toyota has other models than COROLA FOR competing..

  3. I was thinking if they follow the same rule with import cars. IMO, it’s important that we deal only with the well-trusted people or company.

  4. i rather lexus than toyota in spite of the fact that the new look is kool however still lexus is is a regular mark however so far what's ur reason about this online element? didn't catched maaan.try not to find me caz u won't be capable.

  5. @koyoko..!!
    i would agree to you, but its all in Pakistan like this.
    @ford Falcon..!!
    I am not saying your lexus is better than this corolla, and my purpose of this online element is to put an awerness in people to worry about such things and pay for what you wish.
    i would never like to find you, coz i got no intrest such like that.